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The Vercors Hoteliers’ Club is a non profit organisation based in Lans-en-Vercors In France. Please go on, there is no such thing as a silly question!

At the heart of the Vercors

The Club works every day along with the inhabitants and organisations of the Vercors Massif. Downsizing our print on the environment and getting involved in the local life to and offer you a truly authentic Vercors.

The Club is working hand in hand with the tourism offices of  Villard-de-Lans, Lans-en-Vercors, Autrans-Méaudre en Vercors and Corrençon to provide you with a lovely setting and original events and activities. The Club is rooted in the CCMV which aims to reinforce the links between the different villages from the plateau.

Maître restaurateur, hotelier randonneur, tailored travel, we have a few tricks up our sleeves and would love to chat about it!